Belgium is a country well-known for its extra mouth-watering chocolates. Surprisingly, a chocolatier from the Philippines is trying her luck to promote the country’s famous tablea. Marielle Moens, a Filipino chocolatier, will be bringing Tableya Filipina to Belgium in October. She created the first-ever tablea-based chocolates which she calls Theo and Brom. It’s a pure Filipino recipe but it will be manufactured in Belgium. Moens says that it’s about time that this should be reintroduced the chocolate as something which can be enjoyed by the Filipino household.

image credit to Myey Moens

The chocolate is proudly made in the Philippines and carries a logo which uses a Philippine ancient script, Baybayin. The Tablea is made from the local cacao which is usually used in hot chocolates especially during the Spanish occupation. The Filipinos have carried on with the tradition. Cacao is also used in making champorado, a common favorite household merienda.

image credit to Myey Moens

Matthias Moens, Marielle’s Belgian husband, is very confident that his wife’s project will succeed. Matthias further added that his wife has proved to him many times in the past that whatever she sets her mind to she would most definitely succeed in it. Marielle has announced in July about the product and said that they have reached markets on the European Union and have been able to connect with fellow Filipinos and it’s about time that they put up from their roots.

She has described her concoction as a melt-in-your-mug-minis and it will be affordable. In this way, consumers will be able to enjoy the product as many as they would want to without being heavy on the pocket. Fellow Filipinos in Belgium and EU are surely excitedly waiting for the launch of this product. You bet it’s about time the Philippines reach the international chocolate market and be well-known for having great tasting chocolates.



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