A guy recently became viral when he shared to the world how he is now cured of his Stage 4 Prostate tumor with the aid of baking soda. Mr. Vernon was diagnosed to have stage 4 Prostate tumor. He says that doctors told him he only had a few months to live. He is already mourning his incoming death but the greatest of all miracles happened to him. He is completely cured thanks to baking soda.


Mr. Vernon has a son and his son told him that he should improve his pH balance meaning he should increase it because canc@r hates high or alkaline pH. He then met Larry who suggested he take cesium chloride to raise his pH levels so it can become alkaline. He used alternative healing and natural medicine as well. He ordered cesium chloride but it got lost in the mail but Mr. Vernon found another option to try to raise his alkaline levels. He discovered baking soda with maple syrup remedy but he doesn’t have maple syrup in the kitchen that he tried molasses.

In his ‘The Last Dance with Canc3r’, his diary; he talked about the road he went through to cure cancer. He said it included a good diet to improve the alkaline levels of his body and taking mineral and vitamin supplements. He also made sure to have plenty of sun exposure and exercise to heal himself. After all the diet, exercise and taking supplements plus the magic formula, Mr. Vernon is now cured of his cancer!

How to Prepare Mr. Vernon’s Miracle Formula

Mix two teaspoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of molasses or maple syrup and put in a cup of water. Drink this formula three times a day.

Watch his video here:


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