The new Catholic Church annulment cases are simplified and free. This announcement from Pope Francis back in 2015 is set to stir an upsurge here in the Philippines according to the church leaders. Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz, in behalf of the National Matrimonial Tribunal of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) declared that they’re applauding this news from the Pope himself. He also said that he thinks that the Holy Fathers is right for his decision to shorten the process of marriage annulment since this process used to take so long.

The process of marriage annulment in the past can be expensive and couple who file for it have difficulties due to the time it takes for the decision but with this new marriage annulment process announced straight from the Vatican, the process will be shortened and the requirements to be filed have changed. Take note that while the Catholic Church may grant the annulment, it is still unrecognized by the Civil Courts meaning, in the eyes of the law, the couple is still married; this is according to family lawyer Atty. Lorna Kapunan who also said that the reason for that is the separation of the Church and the State.

The usual process of church annulment begins by the gathering of local leaders at the diocese then the decision making if they will consider the marriage null and void. Once they come with a decision, they will then pass it to the Appellate Matrimonial Tribunal for review. The case will be referred to Rome for review if the case has been rejected by the Court of Appeals. That is the old process but the new process will be an easier one to file and get hold of a decision which will be implanted soon by the Catholic Church.

The advantage of shortening the process of Church Annulment from the religious point of view is that the couples will no longer be ‘living in sin’. Obviously, many who seek to be annulled have found someone new in their lives or they can no longer tolerate each other. The Catholic Church promotes a unified relationship where the father and the mother help each other in supporting their children and their whole family but if their relationship is already strained and it’s affecting their children and everybody’s well-being then they must come up with a mutual decision so as not to hurt each other and the people around them much longer.

Though the Catholic Church advises couples to work out on their marriages, they’re also now open, thanks to Pope Francis that there are things that can’t continue anymore because it’s affecting everybody and through the simplified and now free Philippine Catholic Church Annulment Case, couples who have made the decision to separate and go on with their lives without the other, the process is easier and will only take more or less 2 months to get the final decision.

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  1. Ask lng po po pwede po ba ulit mg pakasal ang isang tao khit Almost 9years na po hiwalay o need po tlga mg file ng annulment? salamat po


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