Dogs all over the world are popular for their love for humans. They are man’s best friends and can show unconditional love for their families. The story of this loving dog which was uploaded on Social Media didn’t surprise many but still gave goosebumps to all. An uploaded photo of a dog standing guard over an old lady who was resting by the dog’s side astounded everyone. The old woman looked tired so she was resting her head by a bicycle with a sidecar.

Guard-Dog-Calms-a-Tired-Woman-While-She-is-at-Rests 0

Everyone knows that there are dangers that lurk around when people are outside. But, this dog wouldn’t let something bad happen to the old woman. The dog stands guard while the old woman sleeps. The netizen who took this photo which circulated the net was also concerned to the well-being of the old woman. They inquired about her and learned about the dog. The old woman is in perfect health.

The old woman’s family took the dog when he was still a puppy ten years ago. His name is Ah Du. He is a mild-tempered dog who loves her and her whole family. Ah Du is close to the old woman’s husband and he would always follow them around. When they brought her husband to the hospital, Ah Du would wait outside for him. When the husband passed away, Ah Du became lonely. He lost appetite for several days. Ah Du is such a sweet dog. Today, Ah Du guards the old woman with his life. They are best friends and he makes sure she is always okay.

Ah Du, the sweet and loving guard dog is much like other pets who love their masters. Dogs are heaven sent. They bring color to an otherwise dull existence through their antics, thoughtfulness, and sweetness. Ask any dog owner and he will tell you how happy life is because of his dog. That’s a fact.



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