Cassava plant is widely known in the Philippines as kamoteng kahoy. It’s native to Brazil and other parts of the Latin America and the Caribbean. It’s usually an ingredient in sweets, breads and drinks but it also has many health benefits. Studies show that eating it can help you bones become stronger and the plant lowers the risk of getting bone diseases.

The plant effectively fights against tumors, prevents diabetes and even birth defects. It promotes proper blood circulation and normal red blood cell count. It stabilizes the fluid amount in the body.

It lowers your risk of getting high cholesterol. Cassava or kamoteng kahoy also promotes good bone density and improves digestion. It is linked to helping in the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disorder. It improves the heart rate and helps in losing weight.

Cassava plant also protects the colon and urinary bladder by flushing out toxins.

It’s easy to add cassava plant in your diet. Just peel it and slice it to whichever size you want. Soak them in a hot water then after that in cold water.

Place them in the fridge and leave them there overnight. Use the juice of that mixture as your herbal remedy and use the flesh to put in sweets and breads.

Just take the juice of the cassava plant on an empty stomach.

Another vitamin you’ll get from the cassava plant is vitamin B12 that comes with Rodanese. Some of the properties of cassava plant also helps in preventing tumor cells.

Cassava plant is not only healthy and nutritious. It’s also delicious that’s why it’s easy to consume it. You can add it on many kinds of food preparations because it tastes delightful. It’s easy to cook and you can find it in many markets.


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