There are four principal blood types and each of that has a unique characteristic. This is how medical technologists and doctors classify every patient this way they can address their medical needs especially during blood transfusion. Every type of blood has a unique type of molecule. There are four types of blood; Type A, Type AB, Type B, and Type O. Experts say there are other types of bloods but those types are rare and have not yet been studied thoroughly.

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To get to know your blood type, you should go to a clinic or the hospital and ask to be examined. Not every parents and children have the same blood type. Sometimes, your mom and your dad’s blood will be combined then you will have a unique type of blood. The usual is that when A and O type of blood are combined, the result will be A.


People with O blood type are usually hard working and contribute to the community greatly but stress is a big factor on their lives. Stress affects people with O type of blood tremendously. This stress can lead them to have mental illness and other unwanted medical conditions. Most people with O blood type are responsible and well-organized individuals. They are also practical thinkers.

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Possible medical health problem of people with O Blood Type

People with this blood type are prone to ulcer and thyroid disorder. This can be due to the low levels of thyroid hormone in their body or they have iodine deficiency. Iodine is a type of mineral that is responsible for the proper functioning of thyroid hormones. Deficiency may cause obesity, fluid retention or fatigue.

What you should do to prevent this?

You should avoid caffeine and high levels of alcohol at all cost because this can affect your health condition.

You should exercise regularly and stay active.

Why is this bad for you?

Caffeine may cause increase in adrenaline level which can stimulate high blood pressure. This is particularly true for people with Blood O type because they are prone to high adrenaline levels.


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