One of the ways a lady pampers herself is to have a manicure and pedicure. After all, when your nails are clean and colorful, it appears very attractive. Especially if your line of work involves having to face a lot of people, you’d really have to be meticulous with your appearance. Manicure and pedicure can be done on a salon or spa.


There’s nothing wrong in having your nails done but when after watching this video, you will probably start thinking twice before going to the salon to have a pedicure again. The story of the first ingrown “victim” is quite ordinary and may not be a serious cause for worry for it may have happened to you in the past. The second one may start making you wonder if you’re going to have a pedicure again. But once you watch the third one, you might avoid having your nails done again.

Who would think that an ordinary visit to the salon will bring you to the ICU and cost you around 150k? The third “victim” went to the salon as she would usually do to have a pedicure. During the process, she got terribly hurt and the wound was so severe that blood even flowed from the wounded toe. She started having fever shortly afterwards and had to be rushed to the hospital where she was admitted to the ICU for four days. That was how severe the damage on her toe was.

She got infected and her nails had to be removed when she came out of the ICU. It was found out that she had Diabetes which aggravated the situation. According to one of the doctors that was interviewed, it will be best if you clean your own toes. In this manner, you will avoid getting your toes in danger. Another piece of advice from the doctors is to avoid cutting the sides of your toes. Especially for diabetics, it should be cut in square size to avoid the growth of ingrown and hurting your toes in the future.

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