The best part of succeeding is having a family with you. You can be successful no matter where you’re from. These successful children of a tricycle driver and dressmaker proved that. PESO Sense posted a heartwarming story of a poor family who survived their toughest times. The sharer is the eldest of the 4 children. Their parents worked hard to support them. The children also helped their parents earn at a young age. They worked while studying. They were also scholars. Because of this, they all finished school.

image credit to facebook/pesosense

A little family history: This family went through a lot of hardships. As a tricycle driver, their father didn’t earn well. The tricycle he drove wasn’t theirs. Their mother helped in putting food on the table as a dressmaker. But, their income wasn’t enough and stable. There were times when they earned little to none. This prompted the children to work while studying. Being a scholar also helped them achieved their dreams.

image credit to facebook/pesosense

The impressive thing is their gifts in Math! Three of them are graduates of Engineering. The eldest is an Electrical Engineer, the second a Civil Engineer, and the youngest is a Mechanical Engineer. The third one is a Math Teacher. Wow! Their credentials are amazing! The eldest credits their parents and God, of course, for achieving their dreams. They also worked hard for what they accomplished. All are board passers only taking their exams once!

image credit to facebook/pesosense

Now, the time has come to give back. They built a mansion for their parents! Through sweat and tears, they now have a comfortable house. Before, they lived in an apartment. The living room, kitchen, and bathroom are already in one small space. The living room also becomes a bedroom at night. That changed when they build their parents a mansion! The viral post shows a huge house. They have separate rooms and are now enjoying a spacious home. Life is a gift and one that family should enjoy. Congratulations to the family!



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