Time and again, having patience will take you places. If you will wait patiently to achieve your goal, your perseverance will pay off. Most of the time, you won’t be able to get what you want in a snap of a finger. It has to be worked on until the time that you will see that it’s happening right in front of you. Many may not be aware but singer-comedienne kakai Bautista used to be a wardrobe girl of Lea Salonga.

Kakai revealed this through her Instagram account as she shared a photo of her and Lea Salonga. She said that almost twenty years ago, she had the privilege to be the wardrobe assistant of Lea Salonga in “They’re Playing Our Song”. She would carry her costumes; wash and iron them. For almost one year, she would wash her inner garments 6 days a week.

Her life was hard then and she had to walk from EDSA to AFP Theater. She would skip meals every day to save for her fare going to Laguna. There are times that she and her friends would share on one cup of Yakisoba but in spite of that, they were happy then.

Kacai admits that there were times she wanted to give up but through the help of Lea, she was able to go on. She was always the last one to sleep and first to wake up. Though she wanted to give up, hearing Lea sing somehow gave her the strength to fight. Kacai was so happy that she was able to sing with her and hug her at times.

Now, at 40+ years old, the hard times are over as her patience has finally paid off. She’s successful in her career now. It’s true that if you are patient and work hard for something you want, you will be able to get it.


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