Avid fans of celebrities usually wait for their kids especially if they will also become celebrities like their parents. Most of the time; the children of celebrities follow in their footsteps especially if they have the good genes of their parents. This goes true with veteran actor Joel Torre. He’s one of the greatest actors in Philippine Cinema. Joel Torre is Rizalino De Leon Torre in real life.

He was born on July 29. 1961. One of his memorable films was when he portrayed the role of the National Hero of the Philippines, Jose Rizal, in 1998. He also starred in the 2013 Indie Movie, On the Job with Piolo Pascual and Gerald Anderson. In 2010, he won a Best Actor Award at the 17th Punchon International Fantastic Film Festival for the movie Amigo.

The public noticed that Joel’s daughter with wife Cristy Acona Torre, Marela Torre, takes after him. The young lady isn’t only beautiful but talented too. She was recently featured in YES! Magazine. Joel’s daughter isn’t interested to be a part of showbiz because she has other interests. She also wants a life and career that’s outside the camera. Aside from her beautiful face, she has a talent in painting and landscaping. She also loves the beach and boxing. Her talents in these aspects can be seen in her social media account.

Marela is also busy helping the family manage their business, JT’s Manukan Grille. This is a restaurant that serves foods from Bacolod. Chicken Inasal is one of the most famous foods in Bacolod so this is one of the main dishes in Joel Torre’s family business. She admits that she still asks advice and tips from her father especially with regards to running the restaurant. She shared that Joel always tells her to take care of their name as they only have one. Because of that, she always sees to it that she’s doing her best.


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