Piolo Pascual’s original name is Piolo Jose Nonato Pascual. Piolo is a famous Kapamilya actor, producer, model, and singer in the Philippines. Piolo’s son Iñigo Dominic Lázaro Pascual. Benjamin Alves is also related to Piolo and known as Piolo’s nephew.

Piolo’s son, Iñigo Pascual, has gained popularity due to his singing talent and being a young songwriter. He is also a young actor in the entertainment industry. Iñigo’s hit track “Dahil Sa’yo” became popular with Filipino millennials. It is amazing because little kids also knew the song so well that they memorized the lyrics of the song. Iñigo’s last movie was Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2 which showed in the year 2016.

Like father like son, Iñigo got Piolo’s handsome face. The close relationship of Iñigo and Piolo is admired by many. The two are always spending time together and they are both parts of the Kapamilya variety show ASAP. Fans are curious about Iñigo’s biological mother. His mother is also gorgeous and looks younger than her age. Piolo’s ex-girlfriend is Donnabelle Lazaro.

Donnabelle Lazaro is a private person and doesn’t like the media’s limelight. She only shows support to her beloved son Iñigo. Donnabelle stayed with her son when they are living abroad. She is also with her son now that Iñigo is living in the Philippines. She is a supportive mother who guides Iñigo when he is making decisions.

Iñigo is grateful for his loving parents who are always by his side. He is very lucky to have parents who support his passion in his singing and acting career. Donnabelle and Piolo deeply care about their son and only want what is best for him. Children should always love their parents. Our parents sacrificed many things for us and will do everything just to make us happy.


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