Getting pregnant when you’re a celebrity can be hard although this is what most women really dream of. Fans idolize different personalities and they follow everything about them; from movies and television shows to their social media accounts.

The fans want to know every detail surrounding the lives of their idols and this includes following the controversies and even their personal lives. When a female celebrity gets pregnant, fans always get excited to see how the baby will look and if they will follow their parents’ footsteps and become a celebrity too when they grow up.

One of the couples that have been under controversy several years ago was Jennylyn Mercado and Patrick Garcia. Patrick Garcia started as a child actor in ABS-CBN. He is known for his excellent acting talent and had already won an acting award. Aside from being a talented actor, he is also a good looking guy. On the other hand, Jennylyn Mercado is a talent of GMA-7.

She was a product of the station’s reality show, Starstruck. Aside from being busy with her TV and movie schedules, she is also a model, singer, and triathlete. The couple has a 12-year old son, Alex Jazz. He was born in August 2008.

The couple had long been separated but the child grew up well and Jennylyn made sure that despite the separation, their son wouldn’t feel that something is missing in his life. Jennylyn is a very responsible mother and though Patrick has a family of his own now, he still sees to it that he is there for his son.

Many noticed the good looks of the 12-year-old boy and it’s obvious that he inherited the good looks of his parents. It would also be no wonder if he will also become an actor when he grows up. After all, he has both of his parents to take after.


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