Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho is a documentary show in a popular broadcasting network. Last Sunday, the show gained another viral attention when it aired the life of a man who is living with two wives. Junior is a habal habal driver in the Philippines who have two wives named Tess and Gena. Tess is his legal wife and Gena is his mistress.


At first, he kept the relationship a secret and Gena also didn’t know that he is married but a cousin of Junior found about it and confronted Gena about the affair. That same cousin also told Tess, the legal wife about his secret relationship with Gena that’s why Tess went to the hardware store Gena was working at that time and confronted her to the point of physically hurting the other woman.

The affair didn’t stop because as Junior claims, he loves his mistress so he left his family to live in with her. Tess let him leave but after their kids are constantly looking for him and they miss their dad, she let the two live in their conjugal house.

At first Tess was mean to Gena but as time goes by, their relationship began to be okay and they started being civil to each other. Today, the two are good wives to Junior. Tess sleeps with her kids while Junior and Gena sleeps together. The three have found harmonious relationship by living together and claims that they get along pretty well. This is not an unusual scenario because this isn’t the first time that some couple have done this but what’s intriguing and problematic is the fact that it can cause trauma to their children. A household should only have one wife and mother figure unlike in their situation.

Watch the video here



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