Passing one entrance exam can be a dream come true for many students. But for this particular student, she didn’t only pass one but all of the entrance exams and scholarships she applied for. Patricia Antoinette Tapel did something spectacular and that is to pass all the exams she took. She proudly shares on Facebook her accomplishment to which she said, “I passed every scholarship and entrance exam I took! (10/10)”

Below is the list of the schools where she passed:

  • De La Salle University College Admission Test (DCAT)
  • DOST-SEI Scholarship
  • Philippine State College of Aeronautics College Admission Test (PhilSCAAT)
  • PHINMA Saint Jude College
  • The Technological University of the Philippines Scholastic and Technical Aptitude Test (TUPSTAT)
  • The Far Eastern University College Admission Test (FEU-CAT)
  • The Polytechnic University of the Philippines College Entrance Test (PUPCET)
  • University of the East College Entrance Test (UE-CET)
  • University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT)
  • University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test (USTET)
Image by: Patricia Antoinette Tapel

She added that she posted her results not to brag but to inspire others. She even offered some advice for students like taking review classes which can help them in teaching them what to expect during entrance exams. She added that through review classes, students can work on subjects they have problems with.

Image by: Patricia Antoinette Tapel

Another thing she mentioned was to study and prepare early for the exams to avoid cramming. She said that there should be a study routing and discipline to have progress. She also noted that studying with friends can be helpful as they can share knowledge with one another. She also said it is more fun to do so. She described that rest, too, is important.

Patricia Antoinette Tapel 2
Image by: Patricia Antoinette Tapel

According to her, having goals can help students achieve and reach their goals. Lastly, she thanks the Lord for giving her a good life. The post has gone viral and many netizens are congratulating her for a job well done! What are your thoughts on this story?


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