Are you a firm believer that our teachers are in part to be credited for each and everyone’s success? In a way, this is true, isn’t it? Teachers impart their knowledge to students until they are in their early twenties and some even when they are way older (think doctors). Teachers also help shape how students become in their adult life as a lot of their growing years are spent in school. For this, it can be said that we really should be thankful for our teachers.

These Leyte Teachers will Climb Greater Heights to Stay Online for their DepEd Reports 1
credit to Facebook/Joseph Sumayang

It’s evident that teachers have done some wonderful sacrifices for their students. These group of teachers in Libertad, Abuyog, Leyte have done so; indeed. They climb the mountains in Leyte so they can send their reports to the Department of Education. They do this so they can continue with their jobs. Climbing the mountains is one of the things that these teachers have to endure so that they can submit their reports on time. This activity of the teachers was uploaded by netizen Joseph Sumayang who is the husband of the DepEd employees.

credit to Facebook/Joseph Sumayang

He posted on Facebook the difficulties of the teachers. He posted the photo because he is requesting for a better internet connection in the area. Melbie Joy, Joseph’s wife is the Information and Communications Technology Coordinator (ICT) in Libertad Elementary School (LES). She is also one of the people who have to climb the summit to pass the report to DepEd.

credit to Facebook/Joseph Sumayang

Joseph posted the photos of these employees while they were squatting or sitting on the grass to get a good signal and pass their reports. Melbie Joy declared that doing this is not easy because there are many forms to submit at the beginning and the end of the school year. She added that there were instances when they would hang their pocket WIFI on the trees to catch a signal.

credit to Facebook/Joseph Sumayang

The principal of LES, Gregorio Betonio expressed his sentiments about this situation. He added that he is concerned for their safety because there are times when they are still up in the mountains after 8:00 pm. He said that there are mosquito and there are wild animals that pose as threats for these employees. Through this upload, the post is now viral and reached many. A lot of people not only admired the teachers but more importantly, they are reaching out to the powers-that-be to find a solution to this so that the teachers won’t be put in danger.



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