A 37-year old Chinese national developed a fungal lung infection from his smelly socks. The Chinese man known as Peng began having coughing fits and chest pains. That’s when he was admitted to the Zhangzhou Hospital in Fujian, China. He learned that he is suffering a severe kind of fungal lung infection. His immune system is weak when he was admitted. Then, the doctors learned that he has a peculiar habit of smelling his used socks after going home from work. Doctors claim that this may be the reason. They also say that his immune system is weak because of lack of rest.

image: dailymail

The socks, as reported by the doctors have fungus which came from his feet. These fungal spores are what entered his lung whenever he would sniff on his smelly socks. Though he had a severe infection, he is on his way to full recovery.  The doctors say that the habit is a way for Peng to calm down but it isn’t advisable because of the medical conditions it can bring.

image: darpanmag

Though Peng feels tired from his work and this smelling of his socks has brought him comfort, a more suitable way to relax is by meditating or watching tv. Talking to family or friends are also ways to have fun and relax. It’s healthy and better than smelling socks.

image: gnews

Peng is on his way to recovery and everyone is just wishing that he don’t come back to his weird addiction so that he will be healthy from now on. For everyone out there, don’t follow the footsteps of Peng if you don’t want to get fungal lung infection. This is a serious disease that no one wants to get. There are better hobbies that you can engage in when you are stressed out and these hobbies won’t make you sick.



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