Are you one of the Marimar fanatics? Marimar was a Mexican telenovela that was one of the hit series during the 90s. Who could ever forget the sexy and beautiful Thalia as Marimar and the handsome Sergio plus the very cute Fulgoso?

During those days, if someone would know ahead of time that he/she won’t be able to watch, the telenovela would be recorded so the avid follower won’t be left behind. Thalia was every man’s fantasy at that time and every woman’s inspiration.

The story of Marimar revolves around a woman who lives near the beach with her grandparents and her beloved dog, Fulgoso. It’s about the love story of Marimar and Sergio and the many obstacles they went through while fighting for their love.

Just like most telenovelas that televiewers loved, their love prevailed, in the end, no matter how hard it was for them to keep up with the conflicts they had encountered. The story proved that no matter what, true love will always win in the end. She was also the title role in Rosalinda, Maria La Del Barrio, and Maria Mercedes.

Marimar was played by Thalia or Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda who’s 48 years old now. She had been blessed with two kids. Although she’s already a mother of two, her beautiful face and body remained the same.

She became the topic during the 2019 MET Gala because of her stunning beauty with her Tommy Hilfiger gown. Aside from being a successful actress, she’s also a singer-songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur.

She’s one of the most influential Mexican being the best-paid telenovela actress during her time. She was also known as the “Queen of Latin Pop” and “Queen of Telenovelas”. Her followers are amazed that despite her age and having two kids, she has remained as beautiful.


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