Featured in the article are the children of celebrities who look like their mothers. Check them out.

Sharon Cuneta and KC Concepcion

It’s often said that KC Concepcion’s features take after her dad, Gabby Concepcion. But if you’ll look closely, she also has a resemblance to her megastar mother. When she’s smiling or laughing, you will see the Sharon Cuneta in her.

Carmina Villarroel and Cassy

Cassy, one of the famous Legaspi twins, has a strong similarity to her mother, Carmina Villarroel. They sometimes look like twins. The twins are now trying their luck in showbiz.

Aiko Melendez and Marthena

Aiko’s only daughter, Marthena, got her beautiful features. The young girl looks like her very pretty mommy. Aside from getting her mom’s beauty, Marthena also inherited Aiko’s acting prowess. The netizens were amused at her antics when she acted out one of her mom’s scene in the TV Series, Wildflower.

Donna Cruz and Belle

Isabella Adriana caught the attention of the netizens because she looks almost exactly like her mom, Donna Cruz. Donna Cruz is one of the famous stars during the 90s. Isabella or Belle grew up in Cebu and the eldest daughter of Donna Cruz. She has two younger brothers, Cian and Gio.

Sunshine Cruz and Angelina

Angelina is the eldest daughter of Sunshine Cruz with her ex-husband, Cesar Montano. She’s slowly getting noticed in the showbiz industry and by the netizens because of her big similarity to her mom.

Jaclyn Jose and Andi

Looking at Jacklyn’s picture during her younger years would make you see realize that her daughter, Andi, looks a lot like her.

Lucy Torres and Juliana

Although Juliana looks a lot like her dad, Richard Gomez, it can’t be denied that she also inherited her mom, Lucy Torres’ beautiful features. Juliana is now a member of the Volleyball varsity team of the University of the Philippines.


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