Banana is a yellow and elongated fruit that is common in many tropical countries. Unripe bananas are usually green in color. Banana is a nutritious fruit and it has many health benefits. It’s reach in potassium which is good for the bones. It’s also effective in making the skin beautiful and curing fever, cough and cold, and sore throat.


Banana leaves on the other hand, is rich in polyphenols, anllantoin, lignin, hemicellulos, and protein. You can make tea from the leaves of banana to get those medicinal compounds. There are still more health benefits of banana and these are;

• Banana for Strong Body

Banana leaves have allantoin which can help the body become stronger. You can prepare the banana leaves tea by boiling water and banana leaves together and consuming the strained liquid from it. Anyone can drink this as it will boost energy in the body.

• Banana is an Antioxidant

Antioxidants are important for the body because it gets rid of harmful free radicals making the body stronger and the skin more beautiful. These antioxidants are also effective against cancer. The leaves of banana are rich in polyphenols that combat Alzheimer’s Disease. It helps in slowing the aging process especially with sagging skin and wrinkling. Just drink lots of banana leaves tea to get its full benefits.

• Banana for Weight Loss

Both the fruit and the leaves of banana are effective for weight loss. It can target any part of the body to get smaller as long as you continue consuming the tea of the leaves and the fruit.

• Banana for Wounds

Banana leaves are effective treatment for wounds. It’s one of the old ways used since ancient times to cure wounds. Just get the juice of banana leaves and put that onto the wound. Change the dressing three times a day until the wound is healed.

• Banana for Good Skin

If you have scars, you can use banana also. Its antioxidants can target those scars and will leave your skin looking great. Signs of aging will be minimal. Just powderize banana leaves and put onto your skin to make it smooth.

• Banana for Sore Throat

Sore throat can be hard because it is painful but at the same time itchy. Sometimes it can even hinder the things you need to do. Using banana leaves, make banana tea to cure your sore throat.

• Banana for Fever

The antioxidant and astringent property of banana can help heal fever. These properties can help with lowering the high temperatures of fever. It will also help you feel better again and be back to normal. Just drink the strained banana leaves juice to cure your fever.

• Banana for Hair

The juice of banana leaves can cure dandruff making the hair healthy again and shiny. Banana is good for the hair because of its astringent properties.

Other uses for banana include using the leaves as wrap for food. This is done in various Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam. The fruit and leaves are both being used for medicinal purposes and if you’re looking for natural ways to be healthy then eat and drink banana now!


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