What do you do as an Influencer aside from enjoying perks? You can be a good citizen! Cong TV was the first to help an old man in need. Cong TV is a trending vlogger. He’s popular in Social Media. James Larracas can’t help but gush over Cong TV. He saw the influencer in Paranaque one day. He was talking to the old man. It turned out that the old man is a delivery guy. He was on his way to deliver an order (a bilao of pancit) but it fell on the ground.

image via James Larracas | Facebook

Cong TV saw the catastrophe and helped the old man. He gave the delivery man money to compensate for the fallen pancit. James, the netizen who posted the story was impressed. He was so impressed that he had to share this story with the public. He mentioned that his impression of Cong TV is not that big. He thought this guy was only in on the fun stuff. But, he now knows there is more to him than meets the eyes. Cong TV is also a helpful person. He has a genuine heart. James salutes his idol and said he looks up to Cong TV.

image via James Larracas | Facebook

The post is now viral. It got more than about 100k reactions, comments, and shares in total. Netizens expressed their gratitude to the YouTuber. They also wished him the best, especially as a media influencer.

image via James Larracas | Facebook

Wouldn’t you know? It’s perfect timing that Cong TV was there at that place. He helped the old delivery man. If it weren’t for him, the old man had to pay for that pancit! Delivery men earn a little. They can barely make ends meet. It’s a noble act for Cong TV to do so. Kudos to you, idol Cong TV for having a heart of gold.



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