How would you feel if someone in the family is sick and you have no money to support them? That would be devastating. This viral family from Cebu City had to take their patient to the hospital. Febe Jean Aporto’s younger brother got sick. They brought him to the hospital. The family didn’t have medical insurance or Philhealth. These two are very helpful when someone gets sick in the family. Some medical insurance can cover all hospital expenses. Philhealth covers a part of that expense. It’s a great thing if a person has both. But, the family didn’t have any.

image via facebook | febejean

Imagine their surprise when learning they need to pay only Php100 for the doctor’s fee! The kind doctor is Dr. Mercedes Mujeres. Aporto said that her brother stayed in the hospital for six days. They were surprised when the clerk showed them the professional fee of Dr. Mercedes. It was a big help to them! At first, they didn’t believe it. They thought it was a typographical error. But, the clerk confirmed it. Instead of paying a couple of thousand pesos for the professional fee, this family only had to pay that small amount.

image via facebook | febejean

This prompted Aporto to post about it. She was so thankful for the kindness they saw. You’ll rarely see acts of kindness. But, this time they experienced it first hand. This amazed the netizens! The hospital where her brother stayed was Perpetual Succour Hospital. It’s a private hospital in Cebu City.

How kind of this doctor to help out! Most doctors charge high prices to cure a patient. But this doctor proved life is more important than money. Kudos to Dr. Mercedes Mujeres for this kind act! Let’s all hope many more doctors help people in need when they can.



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