Ibinahagi ng isang PUI ang kanyang dalamhati sa patungkol sa epidemiyang krisis na kumakalat sa buong mundo. Tiyak na maantig ang puso mo sa kanyang mahabang pahayag.

Narito ang viral facebook post ng isang health workers na sumasailalim sa PUI.

I do my share of wearing personal protective equipment and frequent handwashing. Not because I’m afraid of contracting any illness myself, but because I have children I go home to to protect.

Yet earlier today, I learned that no matter how cautious one can be, no one is invincible.

I could not count how many times I cried today. I cried because I got scared for the growing baby inside me—although there hasn’t been any reports of vertical transmission, any infection can possibly trigger preterm labor. I cried because the past few days, my boys at home—1 and 3 year olds—have been extra clingy and we’d play and hug and kiss as often as we wanted. I cried because my parents, both diabetic, have been longing to visit us to play with the kids. I cried because I did spend time with some friends and colleagues without my mask on, over lunch or dinner. I cried because suddenly, my husband had to do all the household tasks I would have done myself—including taking care of the kids. I cried because I haven’t personally seen my 1yr old since getting back home this afternoon and my 3yo would constantly knock, “Mommy! Please open the door!”. While I lock myself up in one of the rooms in our house.

In times like this, my mind challenges my heart if everything is worth it. Yet my heart is strong in its conviction that yes, it is worth it! What started out as a desire in my young heart more than a decade ago has now become my life’s work and purpose.

Unlike how others perceive it, we do not do it for the money or just to get the job done. The years of sacrifice and the daily struggle to balance and challenge each of our own priorities are too heavy a burden just for us to see this “job” as merely that—an income-generating aspect of our lives. And we also do not do it for the glorification or the applause. The skills we’ve honed over the years, the decisiveness we have to have at any given time, and the gift to be able to make patients and relatives understand what is going on are now inherently embedded in our being just to seek approval from anyone.

We do it because it is our purpose. And whether you are appreciative or not, we do have our measures of success—and those are what keep us going.

I am a frontliner. For a couple of days, I am forced to retreat—to protect myself, my family, my colleagues, my patients and the community at large. I will dry my tears, I will regain my strength, I will re-ignite my passion. Then one day, I will be one again with all the healthcare frontliners—to be there for anyone who needs to be seen and taken care of—covid-19 inflicted or not.

Sa ngayon ang nasabing post na ito ay umabot na sa 42,000 shares at 102,000 reaksyon at 2,100 komento.


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