Being a doctor means you have to set aside tiredness and sleepiness to put the health of others first. A 32-year old doctor in Samyang City, Hubei, China proved that he can do more. The doctor, aside from doing his rounds, is also sick with sinus and fatigue in January but that didn’t stop him from doing his job. He did his usual rounds and checked in with patients. During this time, one baby was uneasy and crying. The baby didn’t stop crying. There was a nurse-in-charge but she is also taking care of another baby.

Credit: NTD

The doctor wasn’t able to ignore the baby so even when he was already tired, he picked the baby up and hugged him. The baby stopped his crying fits and was able to sleep. Thinking that the baby is already fast asleep, the doctor tried to put him back to his crib. But, as he was about to do that, the baby woke up and cried again. In an endearing moment, the doctor made the choice to bring the baby with him to his workplace. He carried the baby to sleep while he was working.

Credit: NTD

The nurse took a photo of the doctor and the baby. She posted it on Social Media and everyone was giving praises to the doctor. The doctor explained that he had to do it. Because of this, everyone is touched and look up to the Pediatric Doctor for what he did. The post has since gone viral giving inspiration to all the people who come across it. The baby must like the doctor so much that he wouldn’t like to be put on his crib and be away from the doctor. They say taking care of babies is hard but look at this Pedia doctor who took care of a baby while working and while he was sick. isn’t that amazing?


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