Some people don’t like to eat radishes because of its strange smell when it is cooked. But most of us are not aware of the numerous benefits that it can offer, most especially to our health.

Oftentimes, we use radishes as a spice to certain dishes such as sinigang or added in vegetable salads. No matter how you prepare this particular vegetable, it is very important that you always eat radish because it is rich in potassium, Vitamin C, fiber, iron, calcium, and folic acid.


The following are medical benefits that your body can get when you eat radish:

1. Good for digestion. Radishes are rich in fiber so it is proven to be helpful in digesting the food we eat because they fixed the water retention in our body.

2. Good for the heart. A chemical present in radishes is flavonoids. This chemical is responsible for keeping the heart functioning properly – which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Controls blood pressure. Radishes are rich in potassium which is a mineral which helps in lowering our blood pressure, most especially if you have hypertension. It is also believed that radishes have a cooling effect on the blood.

4. Improves immunity. Because it is rich in Vitamin C, radishes can help in protecting our body from common cold and cough. It can also help improve our immune system. Regular consumption of radish can help defy signs of aging, inflammation and control the development of possible harmful free radicals.

5. Prevents dehydration. Radishes have high water content that nourishes the tissues in our body. With its cooling properties and water content, you can keep your body well-hydrated, most especially during summer.

6. Good for the skin. Drinking radish juice on a daily basis can help in keeping our skin glowing and healthy because it is very rich in Vitamin C. This particular vitamin helps in preventing skin dryness, rashes, and acne.

7. Good for the hair. Radish pastes can help in removing dandruff, preventing hair fall and in strengthening the hair roots.

8. Good for hemorrhoids. To avoid much pain when releasing the wastes in our body through our bowel, always eat radish as it can help in making it easier for those with hemorrhoids to release the waste easier. Because radishes are rich in fiber, it can help in cleaning the “insides” in our body.

9. Good for fever. Because of its cooling properties, eating radish is good for those with fever because it helps in lowering the temperature of the body.

10. Helps detoxify the body. Radishes are effective detoxifiers. It can purify our blood and remove the toxins present. According to studies, they are effective too for treating jaundice or the yellowing of the eyes. With their toxin-purging effects, radishes can help in breaking down and eliminating toxins as well as cancer-causing free radicals in our body.

Radishes may be a particular food that you might not want at first but you will eventually like it due to its numerous health benefits.


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