Dawn and her family used to live in a high-rise condo unit in Makati before they transferred to a bigger house in the same area. For their condo unit, the couple chose a traditional design. They hired the services of interior designer and architect Chito Antonio. The design was absolutely mesmerizing and their guests will be in awe with the interiors.


One thing that’s very noticeable once you enter the unit is the elegance about it. There’s a traditional escritoire that serves as the focal point in the area. It has a classy round mirror above it and the walls are adorned with framed works of art.

The escritoire holds a vignette which turns the dull corner dynamic. Dawn’s house won’t be complete without a lamp, framed photographs, and flowers. The entrance is the first part of any house that can be seen by visitors and it should create a memorable impression.

Living Area

The house was ready for the Christmas season when the photoshoot was taken. The Christmas tree was adorned with soft decorations and the accessories are in maroon. The area has a huge ottoman and a cream-colored couch. The console which houses the TV was designed by Anton himself. It also has a lot of framed photographs. The couple made sure that they maximize the space so instead of building concrete walls to separate each area, they used the ornate chests and sofa.

Dining Area

The dining table may appear as a six-seater but there are hidden drop-leaf sides that can turn the table into an eight-seater. The couple loves to entertain guests and must have many available spaces to accommodate them. The chandelier will enchant you and the guests will surely love looking at it.

Standing by the window is a console table that holds their lamp which has a very distinct design. There’s a wooden sarimanok sculpture which was done by Abdulmari Imao, National Artist for the Visual Arts.

Kitchen Area

Both Dawn and Anton love to cook so they made sure that their kitchen will be their happy area. Their kitchen is bright and the cabinets were painted with yellow shade. The countertop has gray backsplash features. They have steel appliances in it and to make their cooking easier, there’s a wooden island in the middle.


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