Onemig Bondoc became famous in the 90s for acting in teen films and TV series. He acted alongside Angelu De leon, Diether Ocampo, Ciara Sotto, and more. He is also known for having a handsome face and a happy persona. He came from a prominent family thus his refined personality.

Many teen girls looked up to him and wished they met him in person. He was in Tabi-tabi Po in 2002, Jologs in 2002, and Trip in 2001. All these were on the big screen. He also acted in TGIS which stands for Thank God It’s Sabado and Growing Up which is its spin-off. These two are TV shows.

He left the limelight in 2006. He chose a more peaceful life after showbiz – and even got married to an actress and model named Valerie Bariou. The woman is also the stunt double of Rachel Weiz in the film Bourne Legacy which was shot here in the Philippines.

In an interview, Onemig admitted that they have gone their separate ways in 2013. He fought for the sole custody of his children stating that she isn’t capable to be a good mother.

According to him, Valerie always thinks she’s right or doesn’t want anyone around her make mistakes – but thinks it’s okay if she’s the one committing it. Onemig then followed his statements saying he loves his kids so much. For this reason, he wanted to fight for them. Well, it seems that Onemig wins this battle.

Today, he is happily living a quiet life in Mariveles, Bataan where he has a food franchise business. From the looks of his Facebook profile, the former matinee idol is now happy even far from the public’s eyes. He is also now an avid cyclist. Living in the province allows him to enjoy the scenery and stay fit.


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