It’s always nice to look at the homes of celebrities. You can see how hard they have been working since the start of their showbiz career when you see their spectacular houses. Aside from that, you will also be inspired by the wonderful designs and decorations. One of the celebrities who had been working hard since her childhood days is Janice de Belen who had recently renovated her property to cater to her growing kids and belongings that have been continuously adding up through the years.

Janice wanted an open space and child-friendly because her grandchildren often go in her house. She also wants her pet to roam around the property freely. She had hired the services of Architects and Interior Designers Dong Caritativo, Arlene Andres, and Deng Gepanaga. The house underwent a complete renovation and took around 2 years of work. They were able to move back into the cozy family home in 2014.

Front Door

Wooden and industrial touches are featured in the front door and there are a lot of plants and trees around the property that adds to the welcoming and homey vibe of the house.


Janice opted to do something different in this area. Instead of having a window, an oversized porthole is what sets the foyer separately. The owners and guests can have a view of the garden area through the porthole. There’s a low table which holds several decorations.

Main Entrance

The wooden door in the main entrance of the house is nothing but spectacular. Janice said that the main entrance used to be on the left side but she had it moved so that there will be space for a walkway. The old entrance was then closed off and turned into a closet.

Living Area

The actress said that she emphasized to the team about wanting the area to have an airy, simple, and open space. True enough, her living area is very cozy and homey. It has natural light that flows in through the glass panels. Janice loves art works as can be seen in her numerous collections. Her former living area was surrounded by walls that had to be knocked down during the renovation. On one part of the area are two columns that hold a wood plank where some artworks are displayed. There’s an Arlene Sy work of art showing a girl in ribbon and another one is a Rovi Salegumba painting of a woman.

Janice wanted a simple and cozy home so she purchased pieces of furniture that are not so pricey but have good quality. The living room is very inviting with its big sofa, an armoire, and a coffee table. There are sliding glass doors leading to the veranda.

Dining Area & Kitchen Area

The dining area can be accessed directly from the living area. There’s an 8-seater dining table that serves as the area’s focal point. A customized shelf on another area holds the small appliances. There’s a wooden wall behind the dining table which serves as a storage area. The right side is used as a pantry while the right side is where the China wares are kept. There’s another customized shelf which is where Janice’s small appliances are stored. This one’s located beside the dining table. The actress loves to see everything at once so she doesn’t want to keep them in cabinets.

Janice loves to write down her thoughts so she transformed an area as a blackboard. She orders chalkboard paint from Amazon which she uses in writing down her thoughts. The kids often write down notes too.

The kitchen is very spacious and very similar to the ones you’ll see cooking shows and big restaurants. She opted for countertops made from stainless steel. Janice explained that she didn’t go for the usual granite countertops because she wanted her kitchen to have an industrial style and it would also be easier to clean. A slim ledge is placed above the windows which hold her collection of different mugs. Her utensils looked so organized in the rods.


The wall by the staircase leading to the second floor is decorated with paintings by Pedro Garcia. There’s a charming lighting fixture hanging by the ceiling.


The workspace on the second floor is the special place of Janice. The area is very tidy and orderly. Paintings by JJ Zamoranos, Mendoza, Robert Shook, and upcoming artists can be seen all over the area. She has a collection of magnets and a cabinet that’s filled with her collection of giraffe. She also has a collection of books and a lot of arts and crafts supplies.

The items are well-organized and kept very clean. There are mobile carts with a magnetic front and drawers which the actress uses to hold her small items.


Janice’s bedroom is huge and simple. It has a platform bed and a storage area for her clothes and shoes.

Her bathroom is very spacious and the lighting fixture is adorned with a beautiful dream catcher. There’s a glass partition to separate the bedroom from the bathroom. There’s a claw foot bathtub and a shower area that has a glass enclosure. The actress wants her home to be transparent so they used a glass partition.

Yuan’s Bedroom

Yuan is the only boy in the house and Janice’s youngest child. His bedroom has a lot of storage areas where the boy can keep his collectibles and other belongings.


The outdoor nook can be easily accessed from the living area. The area is for outdoor dining where the actress and her kids can cook and enjoy sumptuous meals.

The dining set has a distressed design and there’s a colorful couch on one corner of the area together with a high-back wing seating piece. The area is simply perfect for bonding.

credit to Dakila Angeles


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