The couple lived in a condo unit during their first few years of marriage. Last year, they transferred to a multi-story house. As seen in Solenn’s Youtube channel and website, she had done the renovation and decoration by herself. In that way, she was able to save on the costs. To be able to do this, she had visited many home stores and had been seen in All Home frequently.

She also shared that some friends helped in transporting some of their old stuff from the condo unit to their new home. She personally unboxed most of the things that can be seen in their new love nest.



Their dining area is condensed but has a homey feel in it. The lighting came from their condo unit. Black, a tinge of orange & blue, and beige are the most prevailing colors in this area. She used entrancing pieces of light to further compliment the house’s high ceiling. Solenn’s paintings are hanged on the walls near their staircase.

As Solenn would describe, her decorating style is jungley, Moroccan chic, Havana, and homey. Looking at the wallpapers would make you think that it was well-thought-of and each color goes with the design. If you’re familiar with their old condo unit, you’ notice that their guest area looks almost exactly as Nico’s man cave in their former home. Well, this is because a great number of the pieces there also show some of his hobbies; just like in their old unit.

The TV area has a wonderful homey feel to it. This area can be accessed from their dining room. Another factor that gives the couple’s house a homey feel is the plants Solenn had placed around the house. Nest Plant Studio helped them in identifying the plants that will best fit each area in the house.

They have plants from the living room down to the bathrooms. This is because Solenn believes that plants will help in putting life into any home. They invested in a Magniflex mattress because she said that it’s very essential in having a good quality of sleep. Solenn had also advised future homeowners to check out the water and electrical connections before moving into a new home.

source solenn heussaff | yt


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