Some actors and actress take their chances in the entertainment industry, but not all became successful. They showed their talents and became the popular stars in television. Some stars decided to leave the industry to pursue their own paths and dreams.

These popular celebrities have touched the heart of many Filipinos. Many netizens are curious on what happened to them now. One of these celebrities is Stefano Mori who gained popularity in 1990s.

Some of his popular shows are “May Nagmamahal Sa Iyo” and “Ang TV Movie: The Adarna Adventure”. In year 1996, he earned the title of “Best New Actor”. Stefano also became part of television series such as Flames, G-Mik, and Marinella. Stefano’s leading lady in G-Mik was Camille Prats. He also showcased his talent in music.

Stefano had a boy band named JCS but it has now disbanded. Other members of the band includes Carlo Aquino and John Prats. JCS was formed in year 1999. The boy band released the album “JCS” in the same year.

Many netizens were shocked when Stefano decided to leave the entertainment industry without specific reasons. He flew to Italy and decided to create a new life. JCS’s popularity ended when he left.

Stefano’s fans are still waiting for the child actor to come back in television. According to reports, Stefano is now 35 years old and a successful businessman. He owns a restaurant named “Casa Italia” which is located in Palawan. He also has restaurants in the country of Italy.

Many celebrities are deciding to venture in business because they know that the lime light will not stay forever. They are looking for other sources of income that can support their financial needs. Some decided to finish their studies and pursue their chosen career and some wanted to settle down and build a happy family life.


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