Fahadale Abbas always walk barefoot and goes to school without any allowance. He comes from a poor family and his farmer father cannot afford to buy slippers for Fahadale. Good thing the distance of their school to their house is only 1 km. Fahadale’s story will teach you that you can succeed even though you are poor. He proved it by being the top passer of the November 2019 Criminology Board Exams.

Fahadale was able to be No. 1 and achieved the score of 91.20%. Many netizens are amazed by how he can do it. Fahadale made everyone believe that poverty will not stop your success if you are hardworking.

Fahadale said that he is the same with other Filipinos who came from a poor family. He said that they can’t buy food sometimes because of financial problems. They only eat twice a day most of the time and he gets no allowance to school. Fahadale said that he is lucky to have a banana or “kamote” to eat in recess. He said that he would go to school even without slippers, allowance, and food during his elementary school.

Fahadale turned these challenges into strengths. He didn’t stop until he achieved his goal to get a better future for his parents. Fahadale’s scholarship (Davao City government’s Scholarship on Tertiary Education Program) helped him study at St. John Paul II College of Davao. He is intelligent and diligent so he was able to do great in his exams.

Fahadale said that he is thankful and happy for his achievement. He wished that he could share the good news to his grandmother who passed away. He is a bit sad that he was not able to repay the sacrifices of his grandmother. He said that he felt grateful with his parents who worked hard to send them to school. Fahadale said that his parents wanted them to finish studies. He also thanked his relatives who helped them in tough times.


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