In a heartfelt concern for his daughter, a millionaire Thai business has offered USD300,000 and his business to the man who will marry his daughter. The Thai millionaire gained popularity when he was in the news because he offered a house, 10 cars and 10M Thai Baht (USD314,070) in cash to the successful man who will marry his daughter. The Thai millionaire who offered this astounding amount of cash and properties is Anon Rotthong.

Thai-Millionaire-Offers-USD300,000-to-Whoever-Marries-His-Daughter,-Shocks-Netizens 2

Anon Rotthong is a durian trader from the Southern Thai Province, Chumpon. He became popular when he posted such offers on Facebook. The post is now viral. The daughter he is offering to marry to the chosen man is the youngest of his four children. She is 27 years old. The man Anon will choose will have 10M Thai Baht which will help him and his daughter to manage the business.

His garnered everyone’s attention because he included his photos and his daughter’s with stacks of cash and gold necklace. The Social Media post also included what his requirements are for his soon-to-be-son-in-law. These are;

  • The man must be literate
  • The man must be hardworking and he must be ambitious too
  • He should be frugal
  • He must love durian

Some people thought that his post was a joke but when he posted again about his offer, everybody believed what he said. He is doing this because he wants his daughter to get married as she is the only one of four daughter who isn’t married yet. That’s why, people learned that he was serious with his offer.

Kansita Ratthong who is the daughter of Anon also thought he was joking but later believed him and chose to respect his decision. The post now has many candidates. Many of them called Anon in person and offering themselves to marry his daughter. Let’s all wait and see what happens next!



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