Washing your hair can give a refreshing feeling for you especially after a tiring day when your hair is dirty and heavy from dust and particles. Washing the hair is so relaxing that it’s tempting to sleep after you’ve just washed your hair. But, it has negative side effects that can cause some illnesses.


Here are 7 of those.

1.Your Hair will Break

Sleeping while your hair is still wet causes your hair to break and get damaged. It reduces the strength of the strands that’s why sleeping while your hair is still wet is not advisable.

2.Your Hair Can Become Sticky

Obviously, you want your hair to dry up first before you sleep to avoid tangling and limp hair.

3.It Can Cause Headache

There can be a moisture build-up on your scalp when you sleep while your hair is still wet. The difference in the body and hair temperature can give headache.

4.Wet Hair Can Cause Itchy Skin

Your hair not being able to dry-up properly can cause irritations. Severe itching may lead to scratching then infection that’s why you need to avoid doing this.

5.Wet Hair Can Cause Infections

Moist hair is a breeding ground for bacteria which also causes itchiness. Itchiness leads to scratching and when your scalp develops wound, it becomes easy to get infected.

6.You Can Get Muscle Pain from Wet Hair While Sleeping

The difference in body and scalp temperature can get you muscle pain which you don’t want because it leads to severe cramps and facial paralysis.

7.Dandruff Comes from Sleeping While Your Hair is Still Wet

Your sebaceous glands are deeply affected when you sleep with wet hair. It affects the pH balance of your hair thus being reason enough reason to get dandruff.


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