This may come as a shock to you there are three medical conditions that can be cured just by putting on socks. It may sound weird or surprising because socks are a piece of clothing that has always been neglected but today, socks will come into new light.

image: Health Awareness Community

Here are the three benefits of wearing your socks.

• For Sleeping

A person must need at least 6-10 hours depending on your body’s unique needs. Some people have trouble sleeping. This may be due to stress and other health factor but if you wear socks at night, you’ll find that it will be easier to sleep. There has been a study in 2007 stating that adults who have the habit of wearing socks (whether normal or heated) in bed have the ability to drowse off easily. The reason for this is that the socks become the symbol for vasodilatation which means it gives a signal to the brain that it’s time to sleep.

• For Raynaud’s Symptoms

This kind of condition that affects the blood vessels by making it feel numb because of the reduced blood flow to the limbs. The color of the skin also changes to blue or white. Wearing socks can help minimize the attacks eliminating numbness.

• For Hot Flashes

Menopausal women get hot flashes. This is characterized by sudden intense warm sensation of the whole body. It includes palpitation and flushes on the face. Wearing socks can help regulate the whole body and combat hot flashes. This can help any menopausal women feel better and enlighten the mood.

image: natureandsocietymagazine

It’s a little surprising how socks can help with health problems but it really does. There is nothing wrong with trying since wearing socks is safe and you can even save money on medications and doctors’ fee if you have any of these three problems.


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