Remember Cristina Gonzales? She was one of the most beautiful faces that graced Philippine showbiz. She started in sweet roles but as she matured, she starred in daring roles. She once became one of the famous White Castle Calendar Girl. Cristina was also made to wear the iconic red bikini.

The fans loved her beautiful face and mestiza looks. She was one you could call as the epitome of beauty. Cristina is the eldest child of former matinee idol Jose Mari Gonzales. Her mother, Charito Malarky is equally beautiful.

She was able to star in a lot of movies during her prime as a daring actress. Three of the last films that she was able to do were; Bagamundo in 1996, Matinik na Kalaban in 1995, and Grepor Butch Belgica Story in 1995. She became controversial in 1993 after being involved in the alleged prostitution among Filipino female celebrities. Reports said that she was among the female stars who were called Brunei Beauties.

She left showbiz when she got married to Alfred Romualdez. They have been blessed with two beautiful daughters. Her husband is Imelda Marcos’ nephew so it’s no wonder that he also entered politics. Even the former actress also entered politics when she ran and won as a councilor in 2007. She served Tacloban from 2007-2016. She also served as mayor from 2016-2019.

During typhoon Yolanda, her family was one of those who were badly affected and her daughter got traumatized. Sofia turned into singing to cope up with her trauma and Cristina supported her all the way.

Cristina is now in her fifties but there’s no doubt that her beauty never fades. She’s still very pretty and gorgeous. According to the former actress, she still works out to keep her figure. Aside from keeping her body fit, she also makes sure that her skin is also well-taken care of.


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