Chubi del Rosario is a former teen actor. He was a boy next door type in his teens. Together with Anne Curtis, they built an exciting love team in the 90s. Many people also think that the two were an item when they were younger. Anne said that they are, indeed a puppy-love couple back then. Chubi acted on hit youth-oriented show TGIS. He was in the younger batch. Some of his peers are still in showbiz. Anne is one example who made it big in the industry.

Today, Chubi is living an exciting life. He is doing something he loves. This talented former teen actor works as a children’s host. He is also an entrepreneur. He decided to leave showbiz to try other things.

Well, it seems like he is succeeding. The pretty boy flaunts on his Instagram account how much fun he has working. He is also showing his confidence since he is still performing for kids. Back in 2018, he had a reunion with Anne and their showbiz gang.

The photos that circulated looked like they are still good friends. Some of the friends who showed up were Vanna Garcia and Aiza Marquez. Their other guy friends are also there. It’s one big happy reunion for the gang.

Life after showbiz can be fun if you’re like Chubi. Though he left the limelight for good, he didn’t fail to keep in touch with friends. He is also still good friends with his ex-girlfriend Anne. This goes to show that there can be real friendship in showbiz.

Some will say this world is full of fakes. But they can still find true friends as long as they’re also keeping it real. Kudos to Chubi for doing that! Are you a fan of Chubi? Share in the comments.


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