Some people wait all their lives to finally meet the one. Some find “the one” some don’t. Some people are okay with it and others are not. And now, a very controversial announcement from WHO is taking the internet world by storm. How true is this? Did they really announce being single is a disability? What are the reasons behind it?


How did they come to that conclusion? According to the news, WHO declares that single men and women who wish to have their own families are disabled people. This announcement has clearly devastated millions of single people around the world. WHO, on the other hand, is fixed to say that singles are really people with disability. The organization also says that being unable to find partners can be the same as infertility.


People all over the world aren’t having any of it. For them, singles do not have disability. They are also pointing out that being single is not a medical condition so WHO doesn’t need to meddle in with people’s love lives. They said that there are people who stay single because it is a choice. Others say that there are single people because they haven’t been lucky yet to find the people they will be with until they grown old. But, definitely it is not a medical condition to them. WHO’s report about this hasn’t been confirmed approved yet.


Singlehood is a hot topic both for people who are taken and people who are single. It is a sensitive topic and most people get hurt when someone mistreats them because they haven’t found “the one”. Being single doesn’t mean you are lonely or you are unattractive. It simply means you don’t have a special someone yet whatever the reason may be. You don’t have to be sad for being single. In fact, it is the perfect time of your life to do the things that will enrich your life. It’s the time when you can get to know yourself more and be strong enough to be alone.

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