At the beginning of relationships, couples watch their moves to impress one another. But as the relationship progresses, you become comfortable with each other. You begin to show your true colors. This is when you both realize if you can accept each other no matter what.


Farting happens to everyone. It can be loud, smelly and embarrassing. There will come a time when you’re in a relationship that you’ll both hear each other fart. That’s okay because it’s normal. Here are some of the reasons why farting is important in a relationship.

Farting and Why It’s Important in a Relationship

• You are Comfortable with Each Other

Being able to fart freely in front of each other shows you’re comfortable in the relationship. It means that you have grown accustomed to each other’s quirks and it’s okay.

This is the part of your relationship when it doesn’t matter anymore if that fart smells. You’re already at home with each other.

• You Find Humor in Your Relationship

Farting is always funny whether you’re hearing it or you’re the one doing it. It’s important that you can find laughter in the simple things between you two.

• You Accept Each Other

You know you have accepted each other when farting doesn’t bother you anymore. You both know that it doesn’t matter if that fart smells or is really loud. For you, farting is a normal occurrence and you even laugh about it.



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