Kangkong is a water spinach and Filipinos love eating it especially in Sinigang na Baboy but you’ll also find this leafy vegetable in many stir-fry dishes but a recent study claims that kangkong is not as healthy as you think.

Kangkong which is a ‘superfood’ is now getting bad rep because the claims say that kangkong is a king of noxious weed which is harmful not only to humans but also to other crops, livestock and the ecosystem.

The claim also says that these noxious weeds are just around because of accident. They say that these kinds of plants grow in excessive numbers and multiply quite quickly.

But, they said you can still eat it. You just need to be careful on how to prepare it because it can cause Fasciolopsiasis which is a condition from the Fasciolopsis Buski. This is a large parasite found on water spinach or other vegetables that thrive on water.

Just be sure you clean your kangkong before you cook it to make sure it is safe to eat. This parasite can cause allergic reactions, indigestion and abdominal pain that’s why you need to clean it thoroughly.

You must cook kangkong well if you want to stay away from any disease it might bring. Just make sure you boil it properly or fry it if you can.

Kangkong is a tasty vegetables that many Filipinos love and not being able to eat it will be devastating. It’s good to know that by cleaning it and cooking it properly, kangkong will be safe to prepare for the whole family.

Just remember the techniques to cooking with it and you’ll be safe from the disease. Have fun cooking! What are your favorite kangkong dishes?


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