Are you one of the people who experience extreme shyness when talking to others? This can be a burden if you need to attend events or your work involves being out in the public. But, did you know that by drinking an alcoholic beverage, you can lessen the inhibitions? A study made was published by the Journal of Psychopharmocology on how 50 German speakers passed the Dutch language exam because they are occasional drinkers. The interviewers for the study are two Dutch speakers. 25 of the 50 candidates were given water while the remaining half was given alcohol.


The Dutch interviewers aren’t aware who drank alcohol and who drank water. The candidates who drank alcohol spoke better. But, if the amount of alcohol they drink is too much then it also results to the speaker tripping on his words. This goes to show that drinking alcohol can help calm the nerves and give some sort of bravery to speak better. Some people even result to drinking alcohol before profession their love to someone or before going to an interview because of the courage it gives.

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Alcohol can really offer help and calm the nerves of someone but it’s also important to note that too much of it can cause different health complications. If you feel to shy to talk to someone in a different language then you need to engage in different social activities to enhance your social skills. You must also follow self-help techniques wherein you expose yourself to the things that scare you like speaking to people so that in time you will feel freedom in talking to others. Don’t forget that the new language you learned is valuable to you so you must use it always even without drinking alcohol.

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source:  College Times


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