In the news, a kid has been suffering from focal seizures and the parents assumed that the culprit was using gadgets for extended hours.

The breakthroughs in technology have been providing us convenience in almost everything. Using gadgets also give us unlimited entertainment such as watching videos, browsing the web, and playing games.

Many don’t know that using gadgets for extended hours is harmful to health. Recently, Edgar Lising, the father of Nathan shared the heartbreaking videos and photos of his son. Nathan was rushed in the hospital due to focal seizures.

credit: Facebook / Edgar Lising

According to Edgar, the mouth and eyes of his son have been moving on their own and Nathan was unable to control it.  The focal seizures had caused discomfort to his son.

A series of laboratory tests were conducted including EEG and CT SCAN. The results were normal, but the focal seizures still persist. They were allowed to go home on July 27, in spite of the fact that the condition of Nathan does not improve. The medications have no positive results.

focal-seizures 0
credit: Facebook / Edgar Lising

Worried about the condition of Nathan his parents decided to bring him to Manila. They are looking for better hospitals that can help them treat Nathan’s condition. They prefer to bring Nathan to St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Nathan was admitted at St. Luke’s and has been undergoing different tests. Although there’s no final diagnosis about the condition, the family is hoping for the quick recovery of Nathan.

Thus, the parents of Nathan have shared his story to warn parents not to let their children use gadgets for long hours. Keep in mind that anything excessive can be harmful to one’s health. That’s why if you will allow your child to use gadgets particularly mobile devices, it should not be for extended hours.


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