It takes strong determination, perseverance, and will if you want something done. Aeta, Teacher Gennie Panguelo proved that she has all those virtues. She wanted to reach for her dreams and she did it. Teacher Gennie is a member of the Aeta community living in the mountains. She finished college with an Education degree. Because of that, she worked for the Department of Education. The Civil Service Commission 0r CSC wasn’t that strict yet when it comes to hiring employees without proper licenses.

The teacher taught in Tarukan Elementary School, Sitio Tarukan, Capas, Tarlac. She taught Aeta children. Before, it was easier to apply in government offices here in the Philippines. But, through the years, the government started being strict with the implementation of application requirements. Teacher Gennie didn’t have a proper license to work as a teacher. She didn’t have LET exam certification. LET stands for Licensure Examination for Teachers.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Gawad Agila

When interviewed by Doc Willie Ong, Teacher Gennie said that CSC has issued a warning for teachers without a proper license back in 2010. Teachers without proper license will be terminated. Teacher Gennie took the LET exams 15 times before that but she didn’t pass. This didn’t stop her even when there were people who humiliated her and said that her hair are all turning gray and yet she still didn’t pass the LET exams.

Then, something good happened to Teacher Gennie. Her friend referred her to Carl Balita Review Center (CBRC). The review center made her their scholar. Last 2016, she became a LET passer after 25 tries. Teacher Gennie was in tears as she recalled all the obstacles she had to overcome to pass the exam.

For her advice to the young generation, Teacher Gennie said that they shouldn’t be deterred when they fail once or twice or many times. She said that they should just continue trying even when they fall down. This is how they can reach for their dreams. She said that they should include hard work and sincerity when they are trying to reach for their dreams.

Teacher Gennie became a Carl Balita Review Center Agila Award 2018 recipient. Carl Balita Productions turned her success story into a film. To add, Teacher Genie already has her Master’s degree and she is now taking her Ph.D. in Teaching and Management. Those who are interested in the inspiring story of Teacher Gennie can watch her interview with Doc Willie Ong.

Source :Facebook


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