Filipinos are really taking over the world. This is apparent with the famous Filipino faces here and abroad. This year, another Filipino is making the country proud. Nicole Louise Nicolas Poblete is the daughter of missionaries who brought her with them to Thailand. The family moved there when she graduated from high school. At first, Nicole struggled because of the language barrier.

She also felt the huge cultural difference between Thailand and the Philippines. But that didn’t stop her from reaching her goals and graduating from a prestigious Thailand university with honors. The language and cultural barrier also didn’t stop her from making friends. She said that the people there and the friends she met were very helpful to her and it is because of that, that she overcame the challenges of living in a new place. The relocation didn’t become a hindrance for her to achieve well in school.

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image: Nicole Nicolas Poblete

Nicole is from Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. She is an honor student from elementary until high school. Their move to Thailand is because her parents are missionaries who answered a call to Thailand. Nicole herself is involved in her religion. She is a worship leader. Her course is Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, major in Radio and TV Broadcasting.

She studied at Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (RU). She worked hard for her honors as a way of thanking her parents who strive hard to provide for their kids. She exclaims that the youth who have the chance to get a good education should grab it because not everyone is lucky.

Because of this, she graduated from the said university as a Summa Cum Laude which is the highest honor there is in college-level education. She shares that to succeed; one should not wait when everything is okay and well but rather to work on dreams and aspiration even during difficult times. She also said that she is planning to take a Master’s Degree program while she has a job and helping out her parents.



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