It is every parent’s dream to see their kid successful in life. The road to success starts with a dream and hard work. Cadet Jervis Allen Ramos’ life didn’t start easy. He is the son of a Palabok vendor from Tondo, Manila. He was 13 years old when his father, who is a jeepney driver, died. His father’s name was Jorge. Jorge had a liver condition which took his life. His mother, on the other hand, is a pancit palabok vendor. She also sold other kinds of pancit. It was through this business that they were able to make their ends meet.

Image by Jervis Allen Ramos via Facebook page

His family never had their own home. He has two siblings and they live in a rental in a dangerous place. That didn’t stop Jervis though. He was determined to reach for his dream which was also his father’s dreams for him. It was reported that he told Inquirer how his father inspired him to apply to the police academy. Because of this, Jervis believed that his father was passing his dreams onto him.

Image by Jervis Allen Ramos via Facebook page

He took up Criminology at the Universidad de Manila. It was in October 2014 that he took the Criminologist Board Exam in October 2014 and got the third top rank. Today, he has the top honors from the Philippine National Police Academy. Aside from his father’s wishes for him and his career, Jervis is driven by his love for his family. His dream is to travel to many places with his family. He also wants to buy a house for his mother.

Image by Jervis Allen Ramos via Facebook page

He is graduating this coming March 22 together with 200 of his batch mates of the Sansiklab Class/Sandigan ng Mamayan na may Sigasig na Itaguyod and Kapayapaan at Ipaglaban ang Bayan. Aside from him are 6 women who are on top 10 and will receive their plaques of recognition. He wants to take this opportunity to set an example to the public so that the police can once again earn the trust of people.



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