How would you choose between ‘3 pieces of advice’ and salary for 20 years? This man chose 3 advices from his boss that changed his life. One day, when this man who worked 20 years for a single employer was about to retire, he was asked by his boss. His boss asked what he would like; three advices from him or his salary for 20 years.

Because of indecision, he answered that he would give his pick on the following day. The next day, he went to his boss and said that he was choosing the ‘three pieces of advices.

The first piece of advice is to not look for shortcuts when finding success in life. The boss said that there are people who want shortcuts to succeeding in life. But, according to his boss, success doesn’t happen overnight and if he insists on achieving it quick; he will only get disappointed.

The second one is to resist the temptation about something that won’t benefit him. The third one is to avoid making impulsive decisions that he might regret in the end. The boss said he should always think things through before doing any action.

After that discussion, his boss gave him three loaves of bread which come in three various sizes; small, medium, and large. The boss instructed him specifically to eat the loaf of bread only when he gets home. The boss and the man went on his way back to his hometown. He set on foot.

He ate the small loaf of bread while he was going on his journey. He came into two separate roads where he found to locals passing by. The first person told him to travel the road which is shorter to be home fast. The second one told him to take the long road which is safer. He wanted to take the shorter road because he wanted to finally come home to his wife. But, he changed his mind after remembering what his employer has said about the road to success. He was glad to have chosen that long road for there came to a piece of news that a man was mugged when he was hiking through the shorter road.

He then got hungry so he ate the medium loaf of bread. It was getting dark so he decided to stay at an inn. After a while, he heard a woman crying. He wanted to take a look but remembered the second piece of advice about being curious. He decided to sleep instead. In the morning, when he was checking out, the owner was in shock to see him. The owner said that the woman became insane the night before. This was the same woman he heard. After becoming insane, she everyone she saw. The man was the only one to survive according to the owner.

He continued with his journey until he wasn’t that far away anymore. He was so excited to get to his house. As he was about to knock, he heard a grown-up man’s voice inside the house so he became shocked. There was a hatchet by the door and he wanted to pick it up. He was about to enter the house unannounced and kill the man but he remembered his boss. His boss said that he shouldn’t act on impulse. He calmed himself and placed the hatchet on the floor. He thought for a moment. After that, he knocked on the door.

His wife opened it and she was very excited and happy to see him at long last. The man felt uneasy and asked, “Who is the man whose voice I heard just now? His wife said that the man is his son. She continued by telling him that their son is a grown-up now and their son looks like his father.

The man couldn’t contain his excitement and he and his son hugged for the first time. The man was so happy that he is now with his family that he brought out his last loaf of bread. He cut the bread but was surprised when he saw there was an envelope inside of it. He was speechless. The envelope has his 20 years of salary inside. He remembered his boss again. He remembered that his boss has said to only eat the large bread after he is home.

He was very happy that he listened to his boss. His money was safe all that time because it was inside the loaf and nobody had robbed him because nobody knew it was inside the loaf. The man never forgot the advices he got from his boss and he was thankful that he was able to use it on his life journey.


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