Sickness in children may take up to ten days to last. There are times when certain medicines can be given to cure it but there are side effects from the chemicals in the medicines that’s why it’s advisable to try the natural remey which can also help ease the pain your kid is going through.


Adults are not the only ones who get stressed. Even kids suffer from this condition so when your kid is sick, make sure you give him plenty of rest which means no reading, no playing and no watching. Rest can fight infection in children.


Make water steam or add salt to the steaming water if your kid has difficulty breathing. Just put your kid’s face over the steam so he can inhale it and let him breathe it in for a few minutes until he feels relief. You may also use humidifier instead of water steam.

Saline Drops or Bulb Syringe

These are used for nasal congestion. It’s safe and effective and only uses salt and water which needs to be drop inside the nose of the kid.

How to do it:

  • Raise your kid’s head while he lays on his back and put two or three drops of the solution in the affected nostril
  • Use the syringe bulb by gently putting the rubber tip inside his nostril and releasing it to get the mucus
  • Take the syringe out and dispose the mucus

Take note:

  • Don’t do this every day because it can irritate the child’s nose or make it dry
  • Avoid using nasal decongestant

Make Him Drink Lots of Fluids

Fluids can keep your kid hydrated and but keep in mind that children below 6 months need to drink their mother’s milk or a milk formula so you need to ask your doctor first if your kid can drink water at that age.

If your kid is 6 months old and below, you should give him the milk formula or if the cough or cold is persistent then call the doctor instead.

Give Him Broth

This formula can be given to kids 6 months and above because it can help relieve lung problems

Let our Child Sleep on a Higher Pillow Stack

The slanting position of your kid when resting can help relieve breathing problems, just don’t stack the pillows too high to prevent stiff neck.

Give Honey to Your Kid

Squeeze some calamansi juice and mix it with honey. This mixture is effective because honey has anti-inflammatory properties while kalamansi has vitamin C, both of which is effective in curing cough.

*Take note that you can’t give this mixture to kids 1-year old and below.

Let Him Gargle with Salt and Water Solution

Salt and water is the perfect combination to fight cough and cold. It’s a simple and cheap solution that you can give kids 4-years old and above. This solution gives relief to sore throat and phlegm. This can be done 4X a day.

source: herbalremedyph


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