Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is because when you wake up, your stomach has lesser nutrients due to sleep which may take more than 6 hours. This means you’re in fasting, hence the name breakfast which means to break the fasting period. You need to eat a full meal consisting of healthy protein, healthy grains and little sugar for energy which can come from fruits.

Don’t think this isn’t important because you need to eat breakfast so you can function properly the whole day. Eating breakfast can keep you motivated and full of energy that you can do your duties all day long. Not eating breakfast means that you prevent your body from getting the amount of nutrients it needs.

This is what happened to a woman in China who they call Ms. Chen. She didn’t like to eat her breakfast. She would deliberately skip it for ten years then she started feeling an excruciating pain in her stomach so her doctor advised her to have an operation. She feared of being operated on so she didn’t have her surgery but her decision made her health worse. She was suddenly rushed to the hospital and 200 stones were removed from her gallbladder and liver after 6 ½ hours of operation. She was told that the stones they found were results of skipping breakfast or eating irregularly and consuming leftover foods. Getting gallstones are common in people who are obese and 40 and above. Her gallbladder stopped expanding when she refused to eat breakfast and this caused the gallstones to form.

Not everyone believes that skipping breakfast can cause gallstones to form but it’s still safer to eat your breakfast regularly so that you can get the nourishment you need.



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