Dates are sweet and tasty fruit from the flowering plant species of the palm tree. Its scientific name is Phoenix dactylifera from the Arecaceae family. Thr tree from where the fruit comes from will reach up to 75 feet in height. The shape of the fruit is oval-cylindrical and can grow up to 2.8 inches long. The edible fruit tastes sweet even without added sugar. It’s used in many food preparations and dessert like Moroccan Lamb Casserole and sticky date pudding. But, aside from lending its flavors to dishes, dates have health benefits that you should take note of.

Eating three dates continuously for a week will give you these benefits.

• You Get Your Daily Dose of Important Vitamins and Minerals

The nutritional value of dates is high. In fact, the fruit contains copper, fiber, vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium. Eating 3 dates a day will increase the levels of these nutrients in your body. Dates also have selenium which prevents cancer.

• Dates Can Be Your Go-To Energy Fruit Snack

Dates have natural sugars like fructose, glucose and sucrose so you can eat dates a snacks and it will give you the right energy boost. This will help you keep active the whole day.

• It Helps in the Treatment of Digestive Disorders

Dates contain fiber which is beneficial for many digestive problems. The fiber in dates can reduce the risk of colon cancer and treat haemorrhoids. Dates also promote good bacteria to form in the stomach.

• The Fruit Can Improve Brain Function

There is enough amount of vitamin B6 in dates that can address problems with brain function or improve it. Dates can be beneficial in making the brain sharp.

• Dates Contain Potassium

The amount of potassium in dates can help people with high risks of strokes because it can lower the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels in the body. The potassium in dates can also help prevent blockage of blood vessels and lowers the risk of heart attack.


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