Do you or someone you know has Diabetes? Diabetes is a chronic illness and it can’t be cured but can be prevented. Through proper diet and exercise, it can be prevented. A recent study also shows that eating eggs on a regular basis can be good for the prevention of Diabetes. Getting Type II Diabetes can be prevented when you eat one egg a day compared to the people who don’t. This is according to the research study from the University of Eastern Finland. The study includes 239 blood serum samples. The samples are from participants who joined the Kuopio Ischemic heart Disease Risk Factor Study (KIHD) in Eastern Finland.

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They divided the samples into four groups. These groups are; first, the people with one egg a day intake; the second, people with 2 eggs per week intake; third are the ones who eat egg but got Type II Diabetes, and finally, the ones who are still healthy. They are the control group. The result is astounding. Men who eat one egg per day are as healthy and Diabetes-free as the healthy and Diabetes-free men who didn’t eat eggs a day. The result also shows that middle-aged men have lower risk of getting Diabetes when they eat one egg a day.

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Lead Researcher and Author, Stefania Noerman of University of Eastern Finland suggests that they did the study because they want to conduct thorough research on compounds and metabolomics. It should be noted that some studies say that high egg intake can increase cholesterol levels but this study says otherwise. The important thing is to maintain a proper and well-balanced diet to keep healthy. Exercise regularly and have enough sleep every night to avoid illnesses such as Diabetes. How about you, do you eat eggs regularly to prevent Diabetes?


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