The Filipino people love street foods a lot and it’s proven in the vendors that  you can see in almost every street corner. These foods can save the hungry tummy especially for those people who are walking down the streets and either going to work or just about to go home. There are a variety of food items you can find in the cart of the vendors; from animal meat to animal intestines among others. Another favorite street food you can find is the chicken feet or “adidas” as it commonly called which aside from being a street food is also a part of the menu at home once in a while.


But although it can be an instant relief to hunger before you can reach home or the office, it is said to bring danger to one’s health. First of all, the sauce where you dip the street food can be contaminated with bacteria or infection because everyone dips in the sauce even if they have already consumed a part of it.

But do you know that even if the chicken feet are most often considered as a street food, it is packed with health benefits for everyone? It’s not only delicious but very healthy too. The benefits you can get from chicken feet are not just for the health but for your physical appearance as well. Now, wouldn’t you like that?

Flawless Complexion

Chicken feet are loaded with a good amount of collagen which promotes a flawless skin free of blemishes. Collagen is well known for giving the skin a youthful glow. Chicken feet are also packed with chondroitin sulfate and hyrluronic acid which is considered the fountain of ageless beauty thus preventing the effects that aging brings. So instead of resorting to chemicals and cosmetic procedures to attain a youthful glow and flawless complexion, eating chicken feet will work better for you. It will not only save you a lot of money but will also make your palate happy and satisfied.


Chicken feet are also loaded with trace minerals, cartilage, calcium and protein. These, being absorbed easily in the body, are effective aids in preventing or minimizing the onset of joint pains and arthritis. So, instead of buying pain relievers, try making chicken feet soup. This will not only save you from spending too much on pain relievers or supplements but also from the ill effects of prescription drugs. This is the reason why the chicken feet are a regular part of the menu of the Chinese people because they believe that it is truly loaded with many health benefits.

Other benefits of Chicken Feet

  • Helps in alleviating digestive problems
  • Enhances immune system to fight off various infections and bacteria
  • Makes the gum healthier which helps in preventing toothache and tooth loss
  • Aids in curing wounds fast
  • Keeps the nails healthy and strong
  • Helps in keeping the blood pressure normal
  • Helps in balancing hormone levels
  • Aids in minimizing stress

It can be said that the chicken feet is not just an ordinary street food that can be what you may call as a yummy to go food. It will not only satisfy the hungry tummy but will also bring the whole body a lot of benefits which are essential to the health. There are a variety of recipes you can do with the chicken feet so you can easily make it a part of your menu every now and then to fully get the health benefits it contains. So, why not start making your own recipe now?

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