A barangay chairman is recently making rounds in Social Media for his help in collecting litters from his barangay. Don’t mistake this barangay chairman for a scavenger; he just wants to help out! Aside from helping in collecting garbage, he is also setting a good example to his constituents. Barangay Chairman Welfredo ‘Molong’ Villacastin from Barangay Bulanon, Sagay City is being praised for his virtue by the netizens who saw his photo. An impressed barangay resident uploaded the photo taken of the barangay chairman.

barangay chairman 2
Image by Mamayads Bayot Papajay via Facebook post

Barangay chairman ‘Molong’ starts the day early. He makes rounds throughout his barangay and collects the garbage he sees. He even wakes up earlier than his constituents! Mamayads Bayot Papajay narrates how the barangay chairman will respond to the calls from residents asking for help. In fact, he responds to these calls at once.

Image by Mamayads Bayot Papajay via Facebook post

Mamayads even said the barangay chairman does his job even when there is no election period going on. Mamayads also said that the barangay chairman is the reason why there are lighting systems in the remote parts of the barangay. The barangay chairman, as announced by the impressed netizen said that this chairman puts other first than himself.

Image by Mamayads Bayot Papajay via Facebook post

To others, this initiative from the barangay chairman is no big deal but for those who care for the environment, this is something. The barangay chairman is doing everything he can to keep his area clean and better-looking. Aside from that, this isn’t the only good deed he’s done. He paved way for the lighting of a remote area of the barangay as well as always answering calls from his ka-barangays. He’s done an impressive work that is earning the respect not only from his constituents but also from the people who saw his photo on Social Media.



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